Whitford's Xylan® is the largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings in the world. Xylan® coatings reduce friction, improve wear resistance, protect metal from corrosion, and for non-stick applications which make them ideal for a variety of applications. Micro Surface Corporation, located in the midwest an hour outside of Chicago, IL has been a Xylan coating service provider for customers throughout the USA for more than 25 years.

Xylan® coatings differ from traditional fluoropolymer coatings in one very important aspect: they are composite materials. Lubricants with the lowest-known coefficient of friction are combined with the newest high-temperature-resistant organic polymers. Together, they form "plastic alloys" with unique properties:

  • Low coefficient of friction: as low as 0.02.
  • Superb wear resistance: even under extreme pressure.
  • Outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance: in most environments.
  • Wide operating-temperature range: from -195°C to +285°C (-385°F to +545°F).
  • Flexible curing schedule: ambient to 425°C (800°F).
  • Wide colour range: to color-code products.
  • Pliability: Xylan® coatings bend freely and repeatedly without breaking.
  • Machineability: apply multiple coats of Xylan® (most formulations) and mill.
  • Excellent adhesion: to most metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, even to itself.
Xylan Coating Services

Xylan® Coatings Overview

Xylan 1006
Xylan 1006 is a resin bonded dry lubricant coating that contains the greatest percentage of PTFE than virtually any other Xylan coating and as a result has excellent non-stick properties and good chemical resistance. However, because of its high PTFE content, it is somewhat softer than other coatings and as a result is best suited for industrial/mechanical applications which do not require a great deal of wear and abrasion resistance. Application examples include molding, components which tend to gall, and items that must function after a period of non-use. Xylan 1006 must be cured at a temperature of 450°F.
Xylan 1010
Xylan 1010 is a dry film lubricant that used on a number of surfaces to reduce friction even at high loads, prevent wear and galling, and provide additional lubrication in the event of the failure of the primary lubricant. In addition to its low coefficient of friction (0.05), it also has very good non-stick release properties, excellent chemical resistance, and the ability to operate at high temperatures. Xylan 1010 may be cured at a minimum of 450°F, 525°F for better chemical resistance, or 650°F for improved release. Xylan 1010 has an operating temperature of 500°F continuous and 600°F intermittent. Common Xylan 1010 colors are Black (P01926E) and Medium Green (E0795A).
Xylan 1014
Xylan 1014 contains significantly more bonding resin which produces finishes that are harder, more abrasion resistant, glossier, and less porus. As a result it is an excellent coating for hardware and fasteners as well as machinery exposed to ice and snow which need to be protected from chemicals and corrosive agents, weathering, and abrasives. Xylan 1014 must be cured at a temperature of 450°F and has an operating temperature of 500°F continuous and 600°F intermittent. Common Xylan 1014 colors are Medium Blue (P01931E), Black (P01937E), Green (E0757A), and Yellow (E2717A).
Xylan 1052
Xylan 1052 is formulated for high pressure, low speed, industrial/mechanical wear applications. Its dual lubrant system of PTFE and Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) provides lubrication for bearing surfaces up to 150,000 psi. Xylan 1052 must be cured at a temperature of 450°F and has an operating temperature of 500°F. Common Xylan 1052 colors are Olive Green (E0764A), Green (E0793A), Black (E6850E), and Blue (E9414E).
Xylan 1070
Xylan 1070 is a low friction coating used to protect hardware, fasteners, and flanges which operate in salt water and falt spray environments. It contains additives which provide exceptional corrosion protection, compared to Xylan 1010 it offers 40% additonal salt spray protection. Xylan 1070 is cured for 10 minutes at 450°F. Common Xylan 1070 colors are Black (E10211A), Dark Blue (E10212A), Yellow (E2717B), and Green (P01614E).
Xylan 1220
Xylan 1220 contains FEP instead of PTFE which provides excellent non-stick and release properties when used as a coating for molds. Xylan 1220 must be cured for fifteen minutes at 400°F and has an operating temperature of 400°F. It is availible in black and green colors.
Xylan 1237
Xylan 1237 offers a low cure temperature (as low as 175°F) which makes it an excellent dry film lubricant for rubber O rings and plastics. It comes in a number of colors such as black, clue, red, white, and orange.
Xylan 1305 and 1315
Xylan 1305 and 1315 is an excellent two coat system that protects valves and chemical process industry hardware from chemical attack. It is unaffected by solvents to 400°F and resists most acids and alkalies. Additionally it is thermally stable to 425°F continuous / 500°F intermittent service which makes it well suited for chemical processing operations. Xylan 1315 must be cured at 750°F and has an operating temperature of 400°F. It is only availible in dark colors.
Xylan 1390
Xylan 1390 utilizes graphite as a lubricant instead of PTFE and was developed for use on parts the run in wet wear conditions. Since it does not contain PTFE it can be used as a lubricant in industries where its use is prohibited. Xylan 1390 must be cured at 750°F.
Xylan 1400
Xylan 1400 protects chemical processing industry equipment and hardware from chemical attack and mechanical damage by forming a continuous, impermeable dry film to act as a barrier between the base metal and hostile environment. Xylan 1400 must be cured at 400°F. Common Xylan 1400 colors are Black (E11521A).
Xylan 1401
Xylan 1401 is similiar to 1400 but includes electrically conductive additives which makes a good solution for dissipating static electricity.
Xylan 1424
Xylan 1424 is a fastener coating used to prevent corrosion and improve make up torque. When applied over zinc phosphate it can withstand 1,500 hours of salt fog. This can be extended even longer if it is applied over a primer such as Xylar 1. Xylan 1424 coatings will withstand most solvents, waters, automotive fluids and fuels up to 200&Deg;F. Xylan 1424 coatings are impervious to new water base hydraulic fluids used in offshore oil production. Xylan 1424 coating can be used continuously from -58°F to +350°F. Common Xylan 1424 colors are Brown (D11810), Yellow (D7813), Orange (D7812), Red (D6580), Green (D6583), Blue (D6584), and Black (D6586).
Xylan 1440
Xylan 1440 is good for low-friction, wear protection, and are also resistant to many chemicals found in industrial manufacturing such as automotive fluids, organic solvents, acids, and caustics. Xylan 1440 is similiar to 1240 but is availible in a wider selection of colors. Xylan 1440 must be cured at 400°F.
Xylan 1514
Xylan 1514 provides a durable non-stick finish to products such as personal care items, industrial equipment, and housewares to give an attractive and easy to clean finish. Xylan 1514 must be cured at 525°F.
Xylan 1515
Xylan 1515 is similiar to 1514 but has less PTFE which makes it harder and glossier.
Xylan 1620
Xylan 1620 provides a durable, low-friction wear surface capable of operating at temperatures from -420°F to +500°F and in chemical and corrosive environments. It is an excellent coating for the automotive industry, specifically internal components of engines, pumps, and compressors. It contains additives that increase lubrication and load bearing capability to provide improved efficiency and wear life. Xylan 1620 must be cured at 450°F
Xylan 1700
Xylan 1700 provides a smooth finish with excellent chemical resistance, non-stick and release which makes it ideal demanding environments such as vessel linings. Xylan 1700 must be cured at 750°F.
Xylan 1756
Xylan 1756 is a pure FEP topcoat which can applied over a variety of other Xylan coatings such as 1220, 1840, and 8840 to provide greater release. Excellent for molds, sealing bars, and processing equipment. Xylan 1756 must be cured at 700°F.
Xylan 1820
Xylan 1820 provides a smooth finish with good chemical resistance and excellent non-stick and release properties for metal parts that nneed to be formed after the application of the surface (Postforming). Xylan 1820 can be cured from 680°F to 750°F.
Xylan 1840
Xylan 1840 is one of the best non-stick and release coatings in the Xylan family which makes it an excellent solution for coating sealing bars and molds. Sealing bars benefit from its ability to repel melted plastic at elevated temperatures which can be sticky and troublesome. Molds benefit from its long lasting release properties. Xylan 1840 can be cured from 680°F to 750°F.
Xylan 8810
Xylan 8810 is similiar to 1010 but is FDA compliant and is commonly availible in Black (E9314D).
Xylan 8840
Xylan 8840 is similiar to 1840 but is FDA compliant.
Minimum Charge for coating services is 295.00 USD.
Whitford Xyaln Coating Services

Xylan® Application Process:

  1. Cleaning:

    Parts are cleaned to remove all oil, grease & other substances. Cast parts are de-gassed.

  2. Pretreatment:

    Parts are pretreated to ensure proper adhesion.

  3. Material Preperation:

    Xylan® is rolled at 30 rpm for 30 minutes to ensure the coating has been adequately mixed.

  4. Application:

    The coating is sprayed onto the item either manually or on one our automated production lines.

  5. Cure / Bake:

    Depending on the coating used the part is cured in an oven at a temperature from 320°F to 815°F.

  6. Inspection:

    Parts are inspected to ensure proper application.