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Micro Surface Corp. - Your Solution for Wear, Corrosion & Release

Micro Surface Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified international engineered coatings firm that began in the early 1980's located an hour outside of Chicago, Illinois. Micro Surface has successfully transferred technology from NASA to the commercial market and has utilized other aerospace developments and university research programs to solve industrial problems.

Having started the business with the WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) Coating Technology, Micro Surface now applies over 200 coatings and surface treatments such as Teflon (PTFE) and Powder Coating to a variety of components from the medical, plastic, automotive, food processing and chemical industries. The company also has licensees for WS2 Coating Technology in the U.K., Germany, Canada, China, Japan and Italy.

Coatings Applied

Teflon (PTFE) Xylan
WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide) Moly Coating (MoS2)
Powder Coat More...
Nickel Teflon Plus

Coating Solutions

Wear Release
Corrosion Lubricity
Dry Film Lubrication Low Friction



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