Teflon® Coating

Teflon® industrial coatings are fluoropolymers made by Chemours that have a combination of properties to improve performance of a wide variety of parts such as release for molds, is non-stick, heat resistance, increases lubrication, and is excellent for corrosion protection.

Teflon®-S Coating
Special one coat blends of fluoroplastics that provide excellent toughness & abrasion resistance.
PTFE Coating
PTFE non-stick coatings have the lowest coefficient of friction & highest temperature resistance at 500°F and a melting point of 627°F. They also offer good abrasion & chemical resistance and can be applied to aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.
FEP Coating
FEP coatings differ from PTFE in that it melt flows and is thus non-porus. They provide excellent chemical & corrosion protection and can be used up to 400°F.
PFA Coating
PFA is a resin very similar to FEP in use, but PFA can be used at even higher continuous use temperatures (500°F), can be applied thicker, and has greater toughness than PTFE & FEP. PFA is useful for the paper industry where it helps to improve the efficiency of paper mills, pulp mills and other paper converting industries where it prevents fibers from sticking to process equipment which can cause quality problems and result in expensive downtime and cleaning.
ETFE Tefzel® Coating
Tefzel® ETFE has excellent chemical resistance & can be applied as thick as PFA but is the tougher. It is often used to coat the interior surfaces of stainless steel fume exhaust ducts as it is a tough polymer that can withstand rough handling during installation. Its strong adhesion also allows for field modifications such as various taps or cutting ducts to specific lengths.
Multi-coat blend
A two or three coat system of PTFE, FEP, & PFA Teflon® to optimize performance in the form of superior abrasion resistance & extended service life.

Micro Surface Corporation, located in the midwest an hour outside of Chicago, IL has been a coating services provider for customers throughout the USA for more than 30 years. Micro Surface Corporation is experienced with industrial coating application of PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, and other hybrids and offer delivery to our local customers. We can process part sizes up to 12ft. x 10ft. x 10ft and handle customer orders with complex masking requirements. Our experienced applicators will clean your parts, apply the product and cure to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper adhesion and maximize the benefits of the coating. Please contact us for a quote, turnaround is generally 3-5 days after receipt of customer components.

Teflon® Coating Process:

  1. Cleaning: Parts are cleaned to remove all oil, grease & other substances. Cast parts are de-gassed.
  2. Pretreatment: Parts are pretreated to ensure proper adhesion.
  3. Material Preperation: Teflon® is rolled at 30 rpm for 30 minutes to ensure the coating has been adequately mixed.
  4. Application: The coating is sprayed onto the item either manually or on one our automated production lines.
  5. Cure / Bake: Depending on the coating used the part is cured in an oven at a temperature from 320°F to 815°F.
  6. Inspection: Parts are inspected to ensure proper application.
Teflon Coated Bolt Studs
18" studs coated with Teflon® to prevent corrosion and reduce friction.

Teflon® Coatings Properties Comparison

Coating Type Non-Stick Chemical Resistance Abrasion Protection Corrosion Protection Service Temperature Coefficient of Friction
Teflon®-S One Coats Good Good Best Best 425°F 0.1 - 0.4
PTFE Coating Best Good Average Average 500°F 0.12 - 0.15
FEP Coating Best Best Good Best 400°F 0.12 - 0.20
PFA Coating Best Best Better Best 500°F 0.2
ETFE Tefzel® Coating Good Better Best Best 300°F 0.24 - 0.50
PTFE / FEP / PFA multi-coat blends Best Good Best Good 500°F 0.15

Teflon® One Coat Coatings (Teflon-S®)

Product Numbers & Descriptions Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
Gray 420G-104
Sparkle Black 420G-109
Black 420G-129
The 420G Teflon® line offers excellent adhesion, durability, heat resistance and nonstick properties which makes it a good choice in abrasive or high temperature environments where dry lubrication is needed. It is an excellent choice for the food processing industry because of its release qualities and FDA approval.
Yes 700°F 500°F
Black 959G-203
Green 959G-204
Brown 959G-205
Designed for moderate abrasion and where nonstick properties are beneficial to product performance.
Yes* 650°F 425°F
Blue 857G-018
Red 857G-508
Black 857G-519
Yellow 857G-575
A water based low VOC solution for corrosive environments, specifically as a rust inhibitor coating for off shore components and on substrates such as carbon & stainless steel, and aluminum.
No 400 - 500°F 400°F
Clear 954G-300
Black 954G-303
Green 954G-304
Designed for relatively low temp curing. Nonstick coating suitable for mild abrasion conditions, relatively low operating temps and for chemical and corrosion resistance.
No 320 - 550°F 300°F
Black 958G-203
Designed for use under moderate abrasion where a nonstick surface is beneficial to product performance.
Yes 650°F 425°F
Black 958G-303
The low cure temperature of 958G-303 Teflon® make it a versitle nonstick coating for a wide range of materials for which it provides a tough, durable film for dry lubrication with excellent salt spray resistance and corrosion protection.
No 350 - 650°F 500F°
*959G-204 not for food contact.

PTFE Coatings

Product Numbers & Descriptions Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
Green 851G-214
+ Build Gray 851G-221
+ Build Green 851G-224
+ Build Black 851G-255
Offers high heat resistance and extremely low coefficient of friction that are excellent for dry film lubrication and nonstick applications.
No 725 - 805°F 500°F
Clear 852G-201
+ Build Clear 852G-202
Offers excellent release with low coefficient of friction and high temperature resistance.
Yes* 725 - 805°F 500°F
*852G-202 not for food contact

FEP Coatings

Product Numbers & Descriptions Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
Clear 532G-8110
High temp resistance & excellent release. 532G-8110 Teflon® has a higher melt flow rate which produces smother surfaces while 532G-8410 offers excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking & better retention of mechanical properties after thermal aging which is essential for rapid high temp cycling applications.
Yes 750°F 400°F
Clear 856G-200
Green 856G-204
Clear 856G-300
Black 856G-303
Green 856G-304
Nonstick, chemical and corrosion resistance for release applications with low abrasion.
Yes* 575 - 750°F 400°F
*856G-204 not for food contact

PFA Coatings

Product Code Color Descriptioon Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
532G-5010 Clear High temp resistance & excellent release. 532G-5310 Teflon® is tougher and more stress crack resistant than 532G-5010 which flows more smoothly in thin films. 532G-5011 is a finer particle size of 532G-5010 and is used when a very smooth thin film is required. 532G-7000 is a smooth clear sparkling topcoat. Yes 650 - 750°F 500°F
532G-7000Sparkle Clear

ETFE Coatings

Product Numbers & Descriptions Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
+ Build Clear 532-6310
+ Build Green 532-6314
+ Build Beige 532-6118
+ Smooth Clear 532-6210
+ Smooth White 532-6200
The 532 line of ETFE Teflon® is extremely tough & abrasion resistant with excellent chemical & electrical resistance and continuous operating temperatures of up to 300F. Perfect for harsh chemical environments or applications where maintaining product purity is critical due to the relative chemical inertness of ETFE.
Yes 515 - 625°F 300°F

Teflon® PTFE / FEP / PFA Liquid Nonstick Coating Blends

Product Numbers and Descriptions Food Contact Cure Temperature Service Temperature
Black Primer 857G-030
Black Topcoat 857G-230
2 Coat for Excellent Abrasion Resistance & Release.
Yes 800°F 500°F
Blue Primer 857G-030
Pewter Midcoat 857G-130
Black Midcoat 857G-135
Clear Topcoat 857G-240
3 Coat for Superior Release.
Yes 800°F 500°F
Violet Primer 953G-506
Clear Topcoat 953G-401
2 Coat FEP for Abrasion Resistance & Extend Service Life.
Yes 650°F 500°F
Black Primer 857G-040
Black Midcoat 857G-140
Clear Topcoat 857G-240
3 Coat for Superior Abrasion Resistance & Extend Service Life.
Yes 800°F 500°F

Teflon® Products Overview by Industrial Market

Industrial Market Applications Coating Requirements Good Best
  • Auto Parts
  • Fasteners
  • Body Shafts
  • Dry Lubrication
  • Corrosion Resistance
954G-103 958G-303
Chemical Processing
  • Pumps
  • Tanks
  • Valves
  • Impellers
Chemical Resistance
  • 850G-321
  • 532G-5010
  • 532-6314
  • 532-6310
Industrial Bakeware
  • Baking Pans
  • Heating Pans
Nonstick 532G-7000 532G-5310
Fasteners Industrial Nuts and Bolts Corrosion Resistance
  • 857G-018
  • 857G-508
  • 857G-519
Food Processing
  • Dough Rollers
  • Processing Equipment
  • 420G-104
  • 958G-203
  • 856G-200
  • 420G-703
  • 532G-5010
Rubber Molds Shoe Molds Nonstick
  • 850G-321
  • 856G-200
  • 850G-321
  • 532G-5010
Hardware Saw Blades
  • Nonstick
  • Low Friction
Industrial Laundry Dryer Baskets Nonstick 532G-7000
Yard and Garden
  • Blades
  • Shears
  • Scissors
  • Nonstick
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Dry Lubrication
Mold Release Wide Variety Nonstick
  • 850G-321
  • 420G-703
  • 532G-5010
  • 850G-321
  • 420G-703
  • 856G-200
Packaging Heat Seal Bars Nonstick
  • 850G-321
  • 856G-200
Pharmaceutical Vessels
  • Nonstick
  • Abrasion Resistance
532G-6310 532G-5010
Paper Processing Rolls Corrosion Resistance
  • 850G-310
  • 856G-204
  • 532G-5010
  • 532-6314
  • 532-6310
Textile Dryer Cans Nonstick
  • 850G-310
  • 856G-201
  • 856G-200
  • 850G-310
  • 856G-201
  • 532G-5010

Teflon® Coatings for Automotive Parts

Automotive Component Benefit Provided by Teflon®
Weld nuts Provides electrical insulation, release, and dry lubrication to prevent electrodeposition build up on threads and to assure a tight and proper clamp load.
Air conditioner pistons Provides low friction dry lubrication to prevent galling of pistons and housings.
Springs and hose clamps Provides low friction and corrosion protection to extend durability and reduce warranty costs.
Seat recliner springs Provides dry lubrication to prevent squeaking and other noises and reduces warranty costs.
Nuts and Bolts Provides dry lubrication, electrical insulation, and release to assure tight clamp loads.
Intake valves Provides a nonstick heat resistant surface that prevents build up, reduces friction, and reduces wear.
Steering column shafts Provides dry lubrication and corrosion resistance to allow free movemment of the steering shaft between the chassis and body.

Teflon® Coatings for Food Processing can be used over a broad temperature range from -450°F to +500°F and to a wide variety of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass and ceramics where they provide a high release surface that food will stick to which makes cleaning easier, faster, and requires fewer cleaning products.

Food Processing Component Benefit Provided by Teflon®
Bread and Bun Pans Provides a nonstick high temperature resistant surface that requires less cooking oil, eliminates glazing, and improves yields.
Waffle grids Provides a nonstick high temperature resistant surface that is easy to clean and produces uniform product color and thus higher yields.
Cheese Augers and Molds Provides a nonstick surface that is able to be easily and quickly cleaned. Eliminates problematic build up of dried residue which reduces downtime and labor.
Pasta Cutters Provides a nonstick and low friction surface that improves cut accuracy and is easy to clean.
Weighing equipment Provides a nonstick and abrasion resistance surface to allow for more accurate and rapid filling and clean up.
Cookie Molds Provides a nonstick, abrasion resistant, high temperature surface that improves yields and allows for faster clean up.
Heat seal bars Provides a high temperature, nonstick, and abrasion resistant surface that is easy to clean.
Minimum Charge for coating services is 360.00 USD.