Micro Surface Corporation's corrosion protection coatings prevent the gradual destruction of metal by providing resistance to oxidation and rust, oil and gas fluids, harsh chemicals and acids, as well as providing a low coefficient of friction. Corrosion damage to materials, both direct and indirect, costs hundreds of billions of dollars of damage yearly, according to Brent W. Madsen, U.S. Dept. of the Interior. Most corrosion is not caused by one factor but a synergistic relationship between multiple happenings. For example, temperature, humidity, chemical gases, and the relationship of matting metals individually are ampliphide by the relations between each factor. These complex relatioships do cause corrosion and using coatings and surface treatments one can eliminate or slow down degeneration of the surface. By encapsulating the parent material and insulating it from surface contaminants, we can reduce corrosion.

Teflon® Corrosion Protection Overview

857G One Coat Coatings
Designed for applications requiring outstanding corrosion resistance, anti-galling, and dry lubrication such as off shore rust prevention, chemical processing, and water treatment.
Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
Cure Temperature
450° F
Coefficient of Friction
0.05 - 0.22
Salt Spray Test
1000 hours
Salt Spray per SPIIC
3000 hours
Hydraulic Fluid Exposure
90 days no change
UV Protection (12 Month)
10.42% loss
Rig Wash Exposure
24 hrs no change
Kesternich DIN 50018
30 plus cycles without change